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Choose from a growing list of training programs in the Coached By Cole App.

Our programs and workouts, are updated regularly and provide you with expert guidance to reach your goals.

Track your daily workouts, check-in fortnightly or monthly by uploading your progress pictures and measurements for accountability.

Log your nutrition by integrating the app with Myfitnesspal. Use your smartwatch to track your movement and exercise, and sync it all onto the Coached By Cole App.

About Me
Cole Davids

Everyday I help people gain the confidence and knowledge to transform their bodies and change their lives.

I have been involved in the New Zealand MMA and combat sports circuit for over 15 years. Starting at 17, I went onto compete as a professional MMA fighter, making my mark across the New Zealand Combat scene. During that time, I worked with some talented, high level coaches and trainers and absorbed so much knowledge from every one of them.

In 2019, I decided that my career needed a change in direction. Health and fitness has always been high on my agenda, so becoming a Coach myself was a natural next step. Since then, I've had the pleasure of helping men and women transform their bodies and mindsets to become happier, healthier and more confident in themselves. Helping people is what drives me everyday.

If you want to make a significant change in your life with a personable Coach. Join my growing client base today and let me guide you to your best self.


To recieve a personalised gym program and recieve 1:1 attention from Coach Cole via the App all you have to do is sign up to the Private Online Coaching. Click the following link : Private Online Coaching

This app is one of the most user friendly apps on the market. It is as simple as tap the app to open. Click Start workout and thats it!

Yes! If you are subscribed to the Private Online Coaching then you have full access to Coach Cole via the app! All you have to do is click on the CHAT icon and send your message through. Messages will be answered directly as soon as possible.

All of our exercises in the workouts have exercise demo videos for you to be able to click and play. You will never go to a workout again without knowing how to perform an exercise.

Yes! You will be able to sync and intergrate your smartwatch data and MyfitnessPal nutritional app info to the Coached By Cole app so all of your data is stored in one place.

What my Clients say...

I worked with Cole following extreme surgery, with no judgement and only support for my journey, our aims were to get healthier, fitter and of course strong.
Cole is super encouraging, knowledgeable and professional and I am gutted that I currently have to take a break from training due to health. I can’t wait to be back in the gym with his encouragement again. Highly recommend.


I've been training with Cole for the last 6 months. Not only is he supportive and a great mentor. He actually helps with form and builds up strength in the areas of my previous injuries. Along with building strength, cardio and fitness abilities. I walked into the gym with zero experience and no idea. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a PT.

Mel Goodall

I started with Cole around a year ago. I am no stranger to the gym, but I love having someone changing up my training, customising it to my goals and keeping fitness interesting. Cole is so personable, confident and interested in YOU and he just wants you to achieve the best you can. I would recommend Cole 100%. Get in quick cause this guy has big things coming!!

Eve Thomas

Cole is hands down the only PT that I will show up for. I started with him to get in shape for my wedding but have continued since as I’ve seen massive results. Not just physically but mentally, I feel so much stronger and can’t for the year ahead!

Alice Harper

Training with Cole has been both rewarding and fun! As a new mum, I needed to get both my confidence and fitness back. Cole is patient and keeps me accountable with my training, all while ensuring the sessions are effective and enjoyable. I feel strong and happy in my body after training with Cole for the last 6 months and I’m looking forward to building on these results with him this year!

Rose Schwarz

I had reached a plateau with my training and weight loss. Cole came very highly recommended and he did not disappoint. I lost weight and gained strength. His systems and methods are very straight forward, but his delivery is far superior to any other trainer I have had. He was extremely flexible and has great banter. When you train with Cole, it’s like you’re training with a friend who gets you results. I highly recommend jumping on board with Cole. He will not disappoint!

Adam Robertson

I have progressed so far since working with Cole in all things health and fitness. My body has transformed, I have become stronger, I have a healthier outlook on nutrition and better technique. It’s been awesome seeing the results and I appreciate having a trainer who understands that you can enjoy life whilst still achieving goals. Thank you!

Georgia Bushell

Cole has been instrumental in getting me back to a happier and healthier me who now lifts weights and pushes myself to achieve my goals. I’m an online client of Cole’s and like his up front, honest and knowledge based attitude. He’ll plan your program specific to you and your goals. Thanks Cole for the ongoing support and amazing programs.

Sharon Rusbatch

I have been training with Cole for around a year and a half and in that time I went from someone who was unsure of what to do, to having a detailed and customised gym plan. His style of training is very logical, mixing strength with endurance, while keeping it enjoyable. Cole has a wide range of experience and knowledge that reflects in his programmes. He pushes you and helps you achieve your goals no matter how crazy. I think he is a great trainer and would highly recommend him.

Jack O'Neill